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    We are an Anonymous virtual world operating on the OpenSim platform. We are an open sim, fully hypergate connected to the greater Metaverse. Any avatar from any other open world may visit AnonGrid. Import and export of objects is unregulated.

    "If we create virtual worlds, and populate those creations with artificial intelligence - are we not gods?" ~~ Commander X - Anonymous

  • AnonGrid runs the latest OpenSim software, with full ROBUST support.
  • Full Voice with advanced sound physics provided by Vivox.
  • Land available for every resident.
  • Meet fellow Anons, gather and collaborate in 3D virtual space - organize information activism projects and operations.
  • Learn about the Anonymous Global Collective and Information Activism. Meet and network with other activists.
  • Build and experiment with the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and simulated worlds.
  • Have fun exloring and building in a premier virtual simulated 3D environment.
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Global Collective

Anonymous is a worldwide collective of autonomous actors, cells - and crews. With an organized presence in half the countries on earth, we fight for freedom and justice - both online and in the streets.

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Worldwide Revolution

Anonymous has been battling the forces of tyranny all over the world for over ten years now. From dictators to mega-global corporations, we have and will continue to take on anyone who would enslave or harm the people of this planet.

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Internet Guardians

All over the world, dictators and tyrants have tried to quell dissent by turning off or censoring the world wide web. Anonymous has and will continue to thwart these efforts with technical assistance and solutions.